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Micro Video Capture can record video in real time from common devices
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Micro Video Capture is a program that can record video in real time from common devices. It is able to grab video from a web cam, a TV tuner card, a digital camera or any other capture devices. You can configure the program to detect motion and start capturing automatically as soon as any movement is detected. This is useful if you want to register the motion that takes place in a remote location, as you would do with a security camera. The captured video may include audio if your device supports audio input. The program will produce AVI files with both audio and video streams. You can define the quality and the codec to be used in the resulting file.

The process is very simple - to begin the recording, you press the "Start" button; you will hear a message when everything is ready for the task, and video recording will start automatically; if you press the “Stop” button, the program will cease recording and save it as an AVI file. You will be allowed to preview the generated files by double-clicking on the tile representing the capture. You can then send the chosen video by e-mail, delete it, save it or rename it.

The trial version of Micro Video Capture will let you save videos with a maximum length of five minutes, and it will expire after 15 days.

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